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Butternut Squash Soup

This recipe comes from a dear Danish friend who cooked this for a family camping trip, enough to feed 50+ people.

Read More 23 Feb 2021

Re-wilding our Human Spirit - Campfire Con-panis

...connecting round the campfire and its caldron, in companionship with each other and with Nature...

Read More 22 Nov 2020

Nature's Homeschooling

“Nature has sent us all to our Rooms” - says it all...

Read More 15 Apr 2020

Nature's plan

Have you noticed the trees are calling your attention with their fruit and nut festoonery...?

Read More 14 Nov 2019

What does your signature dish say about you? we cook, reflects something significant about who we are, how we feel and what we might need.

Read More 05 May 2019

Wild Garlic Hey-Pesto!

Forgaging for your dinner, delicious, cheap and healthy too!

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Pure Potential

... As part of my personal practice, each spring I undertake an Ayurvedic detox diet, which means eating Mung Bean Dahl for roughly ten days...

Read More 26 Mar 2019

Local Lunch Party

Being able to get together with members of my community that would otherwise pass me by, gives me a monthly boost!

Read More 21 Dec 2018

Grandma's Christmas Pudding (and new silver wellies)

Read More 03 Dec 2018

'Bake With' NOT 'Bake Off'

WHEN I RULE THE WORLD, the first thing I will do is exchange 'Bake Off' for a programme called 'Baking With'...

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Fun and Friendly Fermentation

Fermentation is quite rightly back in fashion. The resourcefulness, the timelessness and the earthy satisfaction from taking up this ancient art in our kitchens of today, touches us all, at a gutral place in our soul.

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Elderflower lessons, pleasures and photos…

For many years I have been collecting citric acid ready to make elderflower cordial, eversoeasy as everyone says, but somehow the time to make this summer treat eluded me.

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Kitchen Therapy Cookery Course

Kitchen Therapy’s first cookery course that combines her unique blend of nurture balanced with nutrition.

Read More 02 Apr 2018

Delicious, Dahling

A few days (actually nearly 2 weeks) later than anticipated the mung bean feast of the January Detox begins.

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Let go, let be, let in, a detox recipe for life

Mung Dhal January brings the opportunity to make a fresh start, and for me, a clearing out of larder, cupboards, head and heart.

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Mindfulness in the Kitchen – an Edible Meditation

With a busy day to juggle, the kitchen could offer a rewardingly good excuse for the practice of mindfulness – an edible meditation.

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Magic Marmalade

For a number of reasons, I am delighted to get Christmas over and get on with the new year, bringing with it the promise of more sunlight.

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Surprises and Layers: Black Forest Bonfire Gateaux

Black Forest Gateaux is my better half’s favourite, and its pretty up there in cake rating for me too

Read More 20 Nov 2016

Harvesting it all Apple Crumble Cake

Having harvested the fields (supermarkets neighbour’s garden) I’ve put together as much substance as I could find and think of,

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From Playing cards to Recipe Cards

When I cook, I like to think of the character, the nature and qualities of the dish, what it is they would like to say,

Read More 29 Sep 2016