Therapy Kitchen

At the heart of good therapy, as in a good meal, is the practice of loving kindness: an understanding of what it means to walk on human turf. Through an appreciation of food, symbolism and people, Kitchen Therapy seeks to enhance relationships with ourselves, each other and our world. Letting go notions of perfection, we find potential, possibility and pleasure take its place. Central to this approach is the relationship between food and love, using cooking and conversation, on their own or in combination, as the basis of a truly holistic therapeutic experience.


Therapy offers a unique space to explore personal and relational issues. The focus is on communication, connectedness and curiosity.

Kitchen Therapy

For individuals, couples or small groups, using food, cooking and eating as a holistic therapy; providing an enjoyably practical forum with the potential to think about deeper personal issues.


Sessions focus on the fun-ctional benefits of cooking good food as a vital part of our human experience. Building creative confidence through the natural art of cooking.

My New Book

This book takes the reader on a journey into the inner world through the natural medium of making food

"unputdownable and loveable" - Professor Jeremy Holmes

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