Therapy Kitchen

Choosing therapy

We all, at some point in life, face overwhelming emotional challenges or difficult experiences. Whatever brings us to therapy, it is often a hard choice to make however it is in the actual decision to ask for help that our healing can begin. In my garden studio on Brighton’s green outskirts, I practice a broad range of individual and relationship counselling, enabling your healing journey.

Who is it for?

Therapy maybe for a specific issue, challenge or change that you are dealing with, or a more general desire for self development - ultimately it is likely to be about both. In that sense, therapy is useful for everyone, offering collaborative guidance and support, at key points in our lives.

My approach

I practice developmental, depth pyschology based therapy, founded on the profound impact our primary care experience has on how we see, feel and act in the world. This means looking at how long-buried childhood stories are somehow still echoing in our lives today. Valuing both our conscious and unconscious memories, thoughts and feelings, therapy sheds light on confusing inner conflicts, bringing clarity to our pathway ahead. A wide experience in education and therapy has given me a rich understanding of how to work with and value each individual within our common human framework. I incorporate an ever growing knowledge from my interests in philosophy, psychology and spirituality in my holistic approach to therapy.

Areas of specialism

What to expect

An initial phone conversation to introduce ourselves and understand how I can help. I offer a half hour assessment, costing £15, to establish whether I am the right counsellor for your needs. We will normally agree to work on a weekly basis as the most effective schedule, in either a short term or open ended time span. However each therapeutic relationship is unique and we will agree working patterns accordingly, within a flexible framework.

Cost For
£45-55 Individuals
£60-70 Couples

Concessions available