Therapy Kitchen

Kitchen therapy uses food and cooking to explore and enhance our relationships with ourselves, one another and our environment. Looking at the importance of nurturing oneself and sharing food with others, helps us to connect with our creativity and passion, building positive feelings about ourselves and enabling helpful life changes.

Self care

Our first experience of love in the world is through food. Supported in the natural environment of the kitchen, we can rework our personal stories, feelings and patterns as we explore our relationship with food. Our mindfulness around both the nutritional and emotional content of the food we make forms the basis of self-care - how this has been, how it is today and how we intend it to be.

Creativity and change

Cooking offers a direct connection with our unique human potential. When humans discovered how to make and use fire, they were given their first taste of alchemy, one that ignited consciousness. By bringing mindful attention to the preparation of today's food, we can connect with our inner capacity for change, agency and healing potential.

Campfire Con-panis

Our word company comes from the Latin, 'con-panis - with bread', reflecting the importance of food in terms of communication, community and connection. Kitchen therapy looks to bring people together and increase our understanding of one another, through our shared need of food and friendship.

What to expect

Cost For
£55 Individuals
£75 Couples
To be negotiated Group

Concessions available

Who is it for?

Kitchen Therapy is for anyone looking for a practical and productive form of therapy, conducted in a friendly and relaxed environment. It is for anyone looking to explore personal issues in a creative and sensory way. Below are some examples of Kitchen therapy in practice:

Caring for oneself a (re) learning process

A young man who had grown up in care, struggled to care for himself as an adult. We worked on developing a new, helpful inner parent by:

  • Planning weekly dietary/menu around his routines
  • Considering his fitness and career aims and how his diet could support that
  • Encouraging both nutritional and pleasurable elements in cooking
  • Cooking together to support this process

A couple managing a life-cycle upheaval

The birth of their child, left a couple feeling a lack of attention from each other, as all their energy went on caring for their son. Kitchen therapy helped them to rebuild their relationship by:

  • Using food as an exploratory tool, allowing us to understand and connect with their inner worlds
  • Becoming aware of each others’ specific issues and needs around food meant this could be a focus for looking after each other
  • Both enjoying cooking meant we could see food as a gift, carrying with it their time, care and attention. Daily meals became an opportunity to feel and express love for one another.

Health issues requiring dietary changes

A young woman diagnosed with early onset diabetes, felt stuck with resentment and confusion at having to change her eating habits – kitchen therapy helped by:

  • Researching foods alongside her, to understand more about their nutritional impact and to develop recipes that would support her body chemistry
  • We directed the focus onto what she could rather than what she could not eat, so food once again could become rewarding, rather than punitive
  • By cooking alongside Martha, the process once again became pleasurable and doable. She rediscovered her confidence and satisfaction in the process of cooking as equally important to what she was eating

Mother and Daughter bonding

The stresses of lifecycle changes, as a daughter became a young woman as her mother reached middle age, brought them into into Therapy Kitchen, which helped by:

  • Offering a neutral space to explore their changing needs and relationship with each other and with food
  • Enjoying making good food together gave a new basis for communication
  • By learning alongside one another, they were able to listen to each other again, re-establishing their relationship on a new, adult platform


"Thank you Charlotte for a truly unique, delicious and educative experience! "

Abigail Full quote

"Charlotte's enthusiasm and passion for life spills over into all her kitchen therapy classes"

Heidi Full quote

"I was apprehensive about the kitchen therapy class but was immediately put at ease when I met Charlotte"

Sarah Full quote

"Absolutely changed my whole perspective on food..."

Tez (Rock Farm participant). Full quote

"... a transformative experience."

philippa (mother) Full quote

"when things seemed hard to deal with, having the experience of being out in nature, foraging for stuff for our lunch then learning how to cook a healthy meal ...meant a lot to me"

Sammy (Rock Farm participant) Full quote

"It was so nice to be outside, with other women going through similar stuff..."

Sandie (community/family cooking participant since 2010) Full quote