Therapy Kitchen

Let go, let be, let in, a detox recipe for life


Mung Dhal January brings the opportunity to make a fresh start, and for me, a clearing out of larder, cupboards, head and heart.I had a detox workshop at my local community barn scheduled which gave the necessary impetus to get going – well, so you would hope, in fact, whilst I am ready, the getting *steady *and *going *has taken a little longer than anticipated. However, let’s not underestimated the power of planning and preparing in order to succeed.

January therapy sessions are often filled with talk of making and sustaining changes, often focused around thoughts of giving things up, which so often holds the process up with an internal battle. Too often we think of detox as a period of denial and sacrifice, surviving the pressure of being good against the tempting groove of being bad… Well, it is true that anything worth having is hard to get (no pain no gain etc). However, it is all about our perception, our understanding of the what, how and why we are engaging with the process. We have needed to do more preparation in the letting go-letting be [in order to]- let in, psychic arena.

We tend to focus attention on the content – what we eat, rather than the process – the why and how we eat. If we shift our attention to feeding the emotional, imaginative and knowledgable self, as well as the physical, we will be able to align ourselves to choose change.

Kitchen therapy is all about remembering that the physical nutrition of food, is only one aspect of eating. When you think of a meal you last enjoyed, or special meals from childhood, the memories of the people around come into your heart’s mind. The feelings evoked are a reminder that it is an experience of connection and sense of being nurtured, that will nourish our soul long after the meal has ended.

So this series of write ups on my version of an Ayurvedic detox experience will focus on the importance of nurturing the self in our kitchens, on preparing to let go, let be and let in, aligning what you need with what you want.