Therapy Kitchen

Local Lunch Party

IMG_1279.jpegIMG_1281.jpegIMG_1262 2.jpeg Being able to get together with members of my community that would otherwise pass me by, gives me a monthly boost! This month, we had our first anniversary of our third Tuesday of the month Get Together to Eat Together. The volunteers had a rest, and the caterers came in, but we did still bring our puddings, and my vegetarian version of Grandma’s Christmas pud went down ok, I’m relieved to say! As I was enjoying a conversation with guests about the difference between vegetarian and veganism, we went on to think about how everything is about profit margins it seems. That is one of the joys of being with some senior members of my community, who have stepped out of the rat race and can offer a more relaxed perspective. I realised why this lunch club is such an important part of my month, beyond enjoying the cross-generational company, it’s a voluntary ‘job’ and what I receive in return is a nourishing satisfaction that money just can’t buy… we gather together around our watering hole, exchange information, ideas and laughter. The team and I provide a lovely meal that for people who live alone, offers variety and of course service, a joint venture of pleasure and mutual satisfaction.